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Our customers and partners rely on us to enable them leverage the transformative power of digital and make it part of their DNA. Over the years, corporations, academic institutions, fledgling start-ups and non-profits have trusted us with their digital transformation initiatives. We invite you know more about us and speak with us about your idea.



Our Story

Our journey started on a cold autumn evening in 2003, over apple pies and espressos, at Dudok, on the Meent, Rotterdam. We were part of the generation that saw a financially irrational phase going up and down. The dot-com bubble had just burst, and a whole generation of technologists were at crossroads at that point in time. 

However, something beautiful emerged out of this chaos. Open source philosophies, new licensing models, creative commons began tearing down walled gardens, making technology adoption and digital transformation initiatives affordable. Contributions to open source were gaining ground. 

Our journey was part of this wave. Over the last 15 years, we have grown and adapted ourselves as a multi-disciplinary team with proven experience across industries and technologies. And, every day we wake up to ensure our clients and partners go digital the right way. 

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Area Of Expertise

Discovery & Research
Value Proposition Design
Business Analysis
Technology Strategy
Project Management
Product Prototyping
IT Service Management
Travel Businesses
Publishing Houses
Professional Bodies
Academic Institutions
Government Agencies
Healthcare Providers
Small & Mid Enterprises
Systems Architecture
Software Product Engineering
Mobile & Web App Development
Application Management
Managed Dedicated Hosting
AWS Managed Services
Agile Sourcing
Business Services
IT Service Management
IT Service Support
Content Management
Editorial & Publishing 
Content Marketing
Social Channel Management
Digital Marketing

Product Engineering Expertise

Building software that works for you is no rocket science! But, crafting beautiful, modular, scalable software is almost! And, we take pride in the pursuit of our craft. We design, build and manage software solutions and strive to be proactive in our endeavours! Our In-house experts are proficient in:
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Platform Engineering

We build digital experiences with a choice of popular and proven platforms. Our clients trust that we are judicious with our recommendations, as we leverage the best available frontend frameworks, backend frameworks, content management platforms, databases, and third-party services to achieve their goals. Our team of consultants, mobile and web developers, marketers, project managers, and systems administrators ensure we live up to our promise, without being dogmatic with our choices.
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